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Search Engine Optimization also knowns as SEO is a very important component of website visibility. Its major purpose is to ensure that the web page or website visibility is influenced positively in the unpaid results of search engines. What this means is that it is designed in such a way that makes web pages appear more frequently and is ranked high on the result page. The outcome is that more visitors get to see the website or web page and this is very important in business. SEO can be designed to target nontraditional searches like video, image and other specific searches that can drive business growth.

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Affidelity is capable of increasing the site traffic and the ranking or appearance of your website on the search engines so that you are very visible to your target market. Our expertise cuts across the different components of search engine optimization and this is what enables us to successfully meet the demands of companies and businesses including those in industries where the competition is tight. 


We approach it tactically. First, we analyze a website, then we follow a well detailed plan that ensures that the website communicates to the search engine using the most effective keywords and this is the core of the process. Remember that our ultimate goal is always to ensure that our clients get the visitors they desire that would then translate into customers.


Page optimization is very necessary as helps in generating consistent theme which relates to your keywords. Do not forget that the search engine on its own is programmed to act in a way as it cannot do things like humans …With this in mind, it is important that you follow our proven process in order to educate the robot for the optimization process. Therefore, the goal is to ensure that when potential customers or visitors make a specific search using a related keyword, your website is brought high up the rank.


We follow a well-structured approach in delivering the required result. One important thing to do before any search engine optimization (SEO) project is started is to ensure that the process involved is fully understood. This is important for an effective SEO campaign. At Affidelity, we cater for a wide variety of clients including those requiring a well-coordinated search engine marketing approach. 


Search Engine Optimization professionals use this technique to find search terms that are the alternative to what people could enter in search engines as they try to look up for similar subject.


Ensures that web pages, contents, tags, titles and overall contents are optimized for the keywords that are targeted.


Link building in Search Engine Optimization describes actions that is geared towards increasing the ranking of a web page on search engines. This is normally achieved by the increase both in quality and number of the webpage inbound links


We carry out reviews that are all encompassing. These include things like social media efforts, contents and even how they are accepted or trusted over the internet.

Growth in keyword ranking
Increase in Organic traffic
Increase in Top 10 ranking
Increase in Visit duration

Benefits of SEO to Your Business

Ranking Importance

Research has shown that about 85% of all Web sites are found through search engines

Major Search Engines

The major search engine available for internet users include Google, AOL, Yahoo and Bing. According to research, over 95% of people will always use these available search engines when they want to make a web search

Effective strategy

SEO is effective due to the fact that it allows for you to make a choice of your keyword phrases when making searches done by likely customers

5.5 billion Search Results

Over 5.5 billion searches are performed on Google every day

Bring Visitors

An effective SEO campaign and search friendly Web design have the potential to direct visitors to check your website

Consumer Perception

Consumer perception is that there is more value in those websites that are ranked higher in the search engine


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